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At Inktank.academy, we're committed to providing the highest-quality design education possible. That's why we partner with top professionals in the industry, including experts from brands like Porsche, New Balance, and Volkswagen. With our expert-led video courses, you'll have access to insider knowledge and techniques that you won't find anywhere else.
Peter ten Klooster
Design consultant
at Schweizer Design Consulting
Michael Silbereis
Interior Design Director
at Li Auto, Former Porsche
Francesco Binaggia
Car Designer
at Alfa Romeo former Pininfarina
Michal Vlcek
Lead Designer
at Aufeer Design, McLaren, BMW, TVR
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Autonomous interior - 02 Sketch development
Thomas Lienhart
7 lessons

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Footwear concept - 02 Photoshop rendering
Alexander Ordonez
8 lessons
Electric interior - 05 Electric IP rendering
Thomas Lienhart
7 lessons
Product analysis and sketching
Adnan Hadi
9 lessons
AI powered design workflow with Vizcom
Gergely Mihály
8 lessons
Autonomous Exterior concept and industry insights
Peter Wouda
8 lessons
Intermediate Alias Modeling - MB AMG Wheel
Soochan Lee
9 lessons

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Fabian Berger
Student at inktank.academy
“...The individual feedback was always extremely helpful and motivated me a lot!”
I've been into automotive design before and sketched a lot, but the tutorials at Intank really taught me the fundamentals.
Through the videos, I was able to improve my skills, but the live tutorials pushed me even more!
Lidia Badiu
Student at inktank.academy
inktank does not only help you to improve in a very fast and professional way. In their courses I learned what it really means to become a car designer.
Not long ago I got accepted by the Royal College of Art to study automotive design and I would like to thank inktank for advising me and guiding me.
Adrian Schulz
Student at inktank.academy
It was crazy. All the concepts, models, technical possibilities — very impressive. It's exactly what I want to do.
Thanks to inktank, I was able to push my skills to a level that I got an internship at the Volkswagen design studio in Wolfsburg, Germany

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